What is CFD

Imagine that you are on the grant of stocks in New York – financial modern Babylon. You are encircled with the huge monitors, on which every second thousand figures, names, dates appear and disappear. Notice you, how by the participants of the grant is fulfilled the uninterrupted trial of the purchase and the sale of every possible titles – actions and options, urgent contracts and State obligations. Commercial operations can have various purposes – of the guarantee of stable income in the form of dividends before the reception of speculative momentary benefit. Nevertheless, all stock exchange players have total objective – to make the benefit.

What is CFD

To buy action General Motors or to sell action Microsoft, it is compulsory in no way to be in New York or London. Besides, you can lead stock exchange operations, without leaving home! For it Forex grants the whole group of the financial tools, which are called contracts on difference (Contract for difference, CFD) on the actions of the biggest companies of the United States.
CFD on actions

If to say by the language of the financiers, the contract on the difference of prices represents agreement between the seller and the purchaser of the contract on the payment of difference between the cost of the contract at the time of its purchase, and worth the instant of subsequent sale. By saying more easily, having bought CFD on 500 actions Walt Disney Corporation at the price of 35.00 dollars US for 1 action, and sold it in some time at the price of 37.80 dollars US, the purchaser of the contract (that is to say the Company) gets involved to pay you the valuable difference, which will make 2.8 * 500 = 1400 dollars US. On the other hand, if the price of action at the time of completion by you of operation is lower than the price of the purchase, the financial obligations on the payment of difference will be entrusted to you.

In operations with contracts CFD our Company offers you to use the shoulder of credit 1:10 – by having 1500 dollars US on count, you can make the operations of sums in 15000 dollars US including. The sum of the minimal contract on difference makes only 10 actions, it going up maximum is not limited!

We invite you to try us as the stock exchange trader! To us offered to you the broad choice of contracts CFD on the actions of the biggest American companies, as well as on of one – distant actions of indication (as basic assets are used such indications of fund, as DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL, NASDAQ-100, S&P-500).