News influencing the market Forex

The main property of financial markets, which assures the possibility of the wage on them is volitant, that is to say touchiness in hesitancy. Under the influence of various factors exchange rates and prices of actions and precious metals always change, and even if this hesitancy is insignificant – they take place anyway, and therefore, there is a possibility of gaining the advantage from difference of the price of the purchase and sale.

One of such factors is the influence of news on Forex and on the dynamism of the quotations of the financial tools. The feature of stock exchange trade is the reaction to all significant events, requests or information, which is accessible to a broad public opinion.

News influencing the market Forex


The market are possible be influenced by any news – economic or political, waited or sudden. Question will be only in the degree of influence (so strongly the market will “start” in any part) and in its length (if there will be it once the hesitancy with immediate detachment or give tendency for coming days or weeks) main factors are, on whom leans the trade on news.

All news and international events influencing the dynamism of prices and the market of Forex, it is possible to classify for a series of parameters:

According to the character of news

The economic: macroeconomic data, decision of the central banks of the monetary policy of the central banks, commercial and economic decisions of the powers of the country, the group of countries or the international block and other similar news;
Politics: the results of elections, requests of the government, professional destinations in economic or the Administrations of finances, geopolitical events and other one.

According to the degree of importance

Very important: decisions of the central banks, data macroeconomic keys (statistics according to labor market, inflation, GDP); signals on the future changes of the monetary policy.
Of a medium importance: some macroeconomic reports (industrial productions, retail trade, moods of the consumers), comment of the representatives of the central banks and the economic departments.
Not very important: macroeconomic separated data, analytical reports, forecasts.

Furthermore according to situation in economy, as well as to importance of discovered information the degree of the importance of news can change.

According to the length of influence

In the short term: exercise the influence on the market during day.
In the long term: influencing some days, months or even years. A good example – decisions OPEC of quotas on the production of the oil, which during some months will influence exchange rates worldwide.

It is as necessary to remember as the dynamism of the market is given by some factors, and therefore, the exit of more significant news will influence price anyway, even if it already under the influence of new “microgroove record”.

According to the degree of suddenness

The planning: all that of news, the time of the exit of which is beforehand known. It is possible to acquaint themselves with it in detail in the economic calendar Tele Trade.
The accidental: it is news, appearance of which it was impossible to plan. It is accidents, damage, assassination attempts (videos lesson the Influence of the situations of force manure on economy), and in less tragic cases – escapes critique importing insiders information or appearance of particularly significant rumors.

In the field of influence

Places: news, which exercises the influence on the national currency of the concrete country (videos lesson the Influence of force manure on the foreign exchange market). Such effect is by news on macroeconomic national parameters.
The total: news influencing the exchange rates of the countries of the region or in general of everybody. Such news is usually decisions of the biggest central banks.