Myths about Forex

To reach Forex, it is necessary to stalk the market 24 hours a day, without wasting time on the food and on the dream?

Nobody follows the market always. Every trader chooses the comfortable opening time as him itself and sells, when sees for it favorable possibility. Certainly, at the time when the trader has a rest or is occupied by another affair, a lot of happy negotiations are missing. But indeed, all money you will not win, yes nobody and puts such purposes in front of himself. In more all people different: some spend on trade 2 hours all over day, and others pass near the monitor every free minute. It is important to understand that even the experienced specialist cannot am precise at any instant of time to make forecasts, where will go price. The task of the clever and fruitful trader — to choose these instants as markets only, when the movement of the currency is good.

Myths about Forex

Is it true that the real success on Forex is a closed original book, that nobody saw, and if saw and read, will not show?

The speculative trade on Forex is an important article of the income of several banks, of investments and kheda-funds. Some information it is possible, absolutely, to scoop out from their dry reports, but indeed, this benefit is made for banks and funds by living completely real people. We taught to say only about those we know who personally. People working in the financial sphere, announce the one with other one, and each of us, who works a long time ago on the market, heard colleagues many stories of hits and misses and several would be possible tell. For more than 20 years of the existence of the Group of companies TeleTrade, under the mark of which «Teletrade of Groups» works, were prepared thousand the fruitful specialists working in different countries of the world, which traded on Forex by profession. And the much bigger number of the private investors who passed our school uses trade on the foreign exchange market as the source of additional income.

Besides, as is well known, the money likes silence, and that is why nothing less than every trader will tell everything from successes. Somebody fears “attenuating”, having caused desire at himself, and other one does not like to pulverize force on useless chattering to him. As for the results of trade according to the concrete count, it, certainly, this information is confidential.

Who is the author of textbooks and of other books of Forex — the not practicing theoreticians-analysts?

The analysts of the company ” Teletradedes Groups “, as well as the specialists of companies-partners are the most popular some book authors according to the foreign exchange market of Forex.